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The Importance of Doing a Flood Report

The recent and extensive flooding across many parts of the country has highlighted the increasing risk of properties being flooded.

Quick Guide to Listed Property

Listed Buildings. Structural masterpieces; marks of our heritage; worthy of preservation always. Or are they?

Buy-to-Let Guide

Buy-to-let is booming. Many people have turned to property as a form of investment in an economic climate which is unpredictable...

Guide to Planning Permission Disputes

Planning permission has the potential to cause division between even the most harmonious of neighbours.

Pro Bono: It's Part of Being a Lawyer

Depending on why you need legal assistance, there may be a number of options including government-funded Legal Aid.

How to Recover Unpaid Rent from a Tenant

It is important for the landlord to think through all of the options available and what it wants to ultimately achieve.