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Constructive Dismissal

A constructive dismissal occurs where the employer does not dismiss the employee, but the employee resigns and can show that they were entitled to do so by virtue of the employer's conduct. That is to say, that the employer commits a fundamental breach of contract.

Guide to Flexible Working and Shared Parental Leave

From 30th June this year, employees with at least 26 weeks of continuous employment can make a request for flexible working.

Employee Rights: Holidays, Bank Holidays & Sick Leave

We briefly explore the rights of employees when it comes to holiday entitlement, bank holidays and sick leave.

Discrimination in the Workplace

In this post we hope to provide you with an idea of the type of protection that is offered, and some available forms of legal redress.

When Employees Refuse to Take Annual Leave

What should an employer do if an employee refuses to take part or all of their annual leave entitlement?

Basic Guide to Maternity Leave

The Law imposes minimum standards when an employee becomes pregnant. One of the rights of a mother is that of Maternity Leave.