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In the News: Wills and Divorce

A widow is contesting her husband's will that left her with £36,000 - claiming that a divorce would have left her with £6 million.

Cohabitation and Inheritance: What's the Law?

If you co-habit with your partner but are not married, it’s essential to understand the implications of this in your will.

In the News: Pre-Nuptial Agreements

A new survey has found that one in ten married Britons wished that they had insisted that their partner sign a pre-nuptial agreement.

The 'Silver Separator' Generation

The most recent statistics from the Office for National Statistics show that overall, divorce rates are falling across the country.

An Update to Legal Aid Reforms

A written ministerial statement announced yesterday that plans to slash the number of law firms allowed to do criminal legal aid work have been dropped.

In the News: Crackdown on Whiplash Fraud

Insurance providers have warned that there will be a crackdown on fraud, following a surge in the number of claimants seeking compensation for injuries caused by motor accidents.

Fraud Against Homebuyers Is On the Rise

News reports have warned that homebuyers are being scammed out of thousands of pounds intended for solicitors.

In the News: No Fault Divorces

A new poll has discovered that four out of five Britons believe that the law should be changed to allow for ‘No Fault Divorces.’

A Quick Guide to Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax is a tax that is payable when a person dies, and their estate (which includes their savings, property, and all possessions) is worth more than the current threshold for Inheritance Tax, which is currently £325,000.

In The News: Divorce Settlements

Two women claiming they were misled by their ex-husbands in their divorce settlements have won in Supreme Court this week.