A widow is contesting her husband’s will that left her with £36,000 – claiming that a divorce would have left her with £6 million. 

Husband’s death ‘cost her £6m’

Mari Vindis had been separated from her husband Nigel Vindis, of Vindis Group car dealerships, for two years when he died in hospital at age 58. Mr Vindis had previously cut her out of the majority of his £12 million estate, choosing instead to leave it to the couple’s two grown children.

Mrs Vindis is now contesting the will on the basis that she would have received half of her husband’s £12 million estate had the divorce gone through before his death. Mrs Vindis is asking the High Court to rewrite her husband’s will to make reasonable provision for her, a ruling that would make legal history. 

The importance of a detailed will

While we can understand putting off thinking about death, making a will is important and should not be put off. We have previously written a blog post about the importance of drawing up a will and the different aspects to consider when doing so. For instance, when drawing up a will it is important to be as detailed as possible, to avoid your will being overturned by the courts.

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Start Thinking ahead

At Fiona Bruce Solicitors we encourage people to think about making a will sooner rather than later. Leaving it until another day could mean that those you care most about lose out.  Also remember that once you have made a will, you will need to regularly review it to ensure that it continues to meet your needs.  If you are interested in making a will and would like to speak to one of our lawyers, we offer a fixed fee service and a free half hour, no obligation meeting to provide initial advice. 

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