A recent YouGov poll has found that most non-drivers have very little idea about how to tell if a vehicle might be about to reverse. When asked what they would do to ensure the driver wasn’t about to back into them responses included ‘make eye contact with the driver’, ‘check the car’s windows – if they’re fogged up there’s probably someone in it’ and ‘check the car’s wing mirrors.’

These replies may make those of us who drive smile, but there is a serious side. The number of pedestrians injured in road traffic accidents has not really fallen over the last 10 years. It’s especially important that parents help their children to be road safety aware but as we are encouraged to walk and cycle more, all of us – pedestrians and drivers – have a part to play in being aware of what is happening around us and trying to bring those numbers down.

The contents of this article do not constitute legal advice and are provided for general information purposes only.

The contents of this post do not constitute legal advice and are provided for general information purposes only