Wills and Inheritance

As experienced lawyers, we offer you valuable expertise and understand that your requirements may range from straightforward drafting to more complicated transactions. We are here to help you and will take time to listen to your needs. We will make every effort both to explain matters carefully to you and to fulfill your instructions.

Making a will need not be burdensome. It is often a task that is not considered a priority. However, having an up-to-date will is important and we can assist you by making the process smooth and convenient.

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“I have been a client since 1989 and have always enjoyed a professional yet person-centred service.
— Will client, October 2017

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)

Property and Affairs

This enables you to appoint one or more persons (Attorneys) of your choice to handle your financial affairs in the event that you become unable to do so, perhaps because of your own mental or physical incapacity. Your Attorneys will be able to deal with your bank accounts, sell your house, pay your bills etc. on your behalf.

Health and Welfare

A Health and Welfare LPA enables you to appoint a person or persons to make medical decisions on your behalf, should you be unable to consent yourself. This does not have to be the same person appointed as Property and Affairs LPA.

The kind of decisions within the arena of a Health and Welfare LPA include decisions about what medical treatment you receive, which nursing home or residential home you stay in, and (if required) who can or cannot visit you there.

We will be pleased to talk through your requirements and explain the procedure in more detail.

Contesting Wills and Disputes in Estates

When a person dies or falls ill, disputes can arise. These may be in connection with a Will, administration of a deceased person’s estate, trusts, or Court of Protection. We are regularly involved in advising individuals with regard to disputes.


Long Term Care

Long term care is an issue facing more and more people and their families. We can look at the potential impact of care and advise you on ways to plan your finances for the future.