Victorian law case enables clients to sign wills during coronavirus crisis

Ensuring people can still sign wills is an essential service which Fiona Bruce solicitors are continuing to provide during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Head of Fiona Bruce Solicitors’ Probate Team, Steve Gray, said: 

“We are continuing to provide a service to our clients and are ensuring that whilst we have introduced remote working for our lawyers, clients wanting to execute wills at this time can do so in person and have them witnessed at our offices whilst observing social distancing requirements”

This week, a client signed their will sitting in their car whilst members of the Fiona Bruce law firm witnessed their signing from over six feet away, in the firm’s car park!  

The firm was able to assure the client that their will signing was completely valid based on a Victorian court case where a will was signed in a carriage and where it was established through the courts, that the signing was completely legally effective for the purposes of a valid will! 

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