We’ve all recently enjoyed the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations, but as the dust settles, reflecting on the Queen’s Speech in the weeks that led up to those celebrations, what was announced that will have a bearing on Employment Law, impacting Employers and Employees in the weeks, months and years ahead? 

Well, it’s actually more of a case of what was not included. It had been expected that an Employment Bill would be announced, which would include, among other things, enhancing workers’ rights, and additional rights for zero hour workers, pregnant women and updates on flexible working. It is unclear as to whether the Employment Bill is “dead in the water” or whether it resurfaces in the months ahead, but it certainly now appears to have dropped off the legislative agenda. 

The Queen’s Speech did announce a new Harbours (Seafarers’ Remuneration) Bill, following the recent mass redundancies at P&O. The Bill is intended to protect seafarers working on vessels regularly visiting UK ports by giving ports the power to refuse access to ferry services that do not pay the equivalent to the national minimum wage to seafarers whilst in UK waters, although no changes will be made to the National Minimum Wage legislation itself.

The contents of this article do not constitute legal advice and are provided for general information purposes only.


The contents of this post do not constitute legal advice and are provided for general information purposes only