Residential Property

We handle the legal aspects of buying and selling houses and flats and residential land, including ‘buy-to-let’ and shared ownership purchases. We deal with matrimonial sales and transfers of equity, probate sales, and the selling or buying of retirement apartments.

We can refer clients to surveyors and financial advisers to assist in the purchase.

We have an in-house chartered surveyor who can review a survey. All purchased properties receive a file that will assist with selling the property. This also provides a reference point for further documentation during your ownership of the property.

We also buy, sell and advise for properties at auction.


“I have felt very supported in the process of buying my first home - nothing was too much trouble and it made the process a bit less stressful. Thank you.”

— Conveyancing client, 2018



We deal with most aspects of purchases, including new builds and shared ownership. We will provide you with a detailed report upon receipt of all relevant searches, and will keep you informed at each stage of your purchase. All incoming post is dealt with on the same day – therefore the term “delay” will not be levied at our team. We aim to give you the peace of mind that your transaction is being dealt with professionally and efficiently.

Estimated time for a purchase is 4-6 weeks.


We take care of all your selling needs, where speed is normally the highest priority. We have online facilities to the Land Registry: so we can obtain a copy of your Title, draft the Contract and issue it to the Buyers’ Solicitors upon confirmation that they are instructed.

We will liaise with you regarding the stage of your sale, any questions raised by the Buyer, and time scales for completion. Un-registered properties and flats do not cause is any concern.

Estimated time scale for a sale is 4-6 weeks.

Equity Release

You may wish to release some of the equity in your property. Having attended the mortgage company, you may need to instruct us to deal with the legalities of the forms provided by the Solicitors. The forms provided can be extremely detailed: therefore the mortgage company may insist that you instruct us to deal with the complexity of the matter.

The mortgage company may also request that Searches are effected. Upon receipt of the documentation, we will book an appointment with you to go through it at our office. This will make you fully aware of your obligations of the mortgage company. We will provide written explanation following that meeting.

You may need to obtain consent from an existing Lender. Estimated time for equity release is 4-6 weeks.



We can attend to your re-mortgage efficiently and promptly. Searches will need to be effected as required by the mortgage company. Whilst awaiting it we will ensure that all other matters are attended to in order to be in a position to proceed once they are received.


Transfer of Equity

If you need to change the names on the title to your property, you will need to affect a transfer of equity. You will need to obtain consent from the mortgage company prior to the transfer if there is a charge over the property and you do not intend to re-mortgage at the same time. Once consent has been obtained we will draft the Transfer deed, obtain signatures to the same and move to completion. You may wish to affect a transfer for inheritance tax purposes or relationship changes.

Estimated time, dependent upon consent from Mortgage Company, is 4-6 weeks.

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